Potentiality #10 -- Being in Place at the Right Time

It Is More Than All This
(Exodus 3:1-5 & 2 Corinthians 2:12-17)
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Moved by God to be
in a particular place
at an exact time
to do a singular task.
I wonder at the mystery and
I marvel at the vastness and
I reflect on the simplicity
of this complex God of gods.
But it is more than all this:
God’s call, my response;
it is also a matter of recognition.
I must stay awake to recognize.
I have to be prepared to act.
I am required to be patient in the waiting times.
I wonder at
the need my readiness seems to fill
when I am in place–
the place God wants me to be.

Yes, I am a liberal Christian, but that does not mean that I don’t believe.  I tell folks, “Hey, I’m a Christian, Too!”  Which means to say that my faith is no less that the Conservative’s faith, and no less secure.  My header proclaims that I am unrepentantly liberal, and I added that because I am always having to explain that the brand if Christianity that gets the headlines currently is only one form of Christianity, and any sane reality check discovers that it is not a large part of Christianity, just a loud one.   I do.  I have faith in God.  I believe in the power of the Cross and the risen Jesus.  But that does not mean that I take every word of Scripture literally, or as some words whispered from God’s lips to some writer’s ear.  I believe in the Living Word.  Being a liberal Christian means my belief and my faith is based on Scripture, The witness of the Church, my experience of events I have interpreted as God’s involvement in my life, and in what I observe around me that is inexplicable, ineffable, and Mystery.

Spirituality and faith, are not so much based upon theology, as theology is based upon Spirituality and faith.  I may not believe in a resuscitated corpse, on Easter Morning, but I believe that Jesus did indeed raise from the grave.  I may not believe in the Bible word for word, but I believe that the Living Word we call the Gospel permeates its words, and is expressed in its pericopes of deliverance, healing, saving grace, and freedom.

There is a movement by some to eliminate the aspect of mystery in Christian faith by having everything in the Scripture considered akin to fact.  There can be no faith if there is no mystery.  There can be no salvation if there is no faith.  If ambiguity is eliminated from the Christian experience, if we can have absolute surety about all aspects of Christianity, then it is not a faith or a system of belief, but simply a learned program, like bridge or pinochle auto repair.

Most of all, and this I preach with every conviction I have ever had, I preach Grace.  I preach grace.  I preach God’s abundance of tolerance for me/us/you, and I preach it as hard and as often as I can.  And I believe that if we  just open ourselves to the possibility of God, and God’s ability to heal, deliver, set free, overwhelm us with grace, and make ourselves ready for God’s calling, both God’s calling, and God’s grace, will come to us loud and clear.

I pray that my response to God’s call, God’s word, is always what it needs to be, and not a day late and a dollar short, and above all, appropriate to the need.


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