Praise in the Night

Praise in the Night

Psalm 134
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Fear palpable!
Lost to the dark.
Hours from morning’s dawn.
Dark: Adrift in it, caught within it,
abandoned to it—stuck.
I was resigned to an existence
coexisting with the fear
of an unknown so large
I could hear it breathe and move.
This is how I existed for years:
caught in a trap of darkness!

And then I learned about praise.
Praise as a tool,
praise as a method,
praise as a weapon,
praise as a way of life,
praise as my only
and last hope!
And then the dark cracked,
the light broke through,
I was warmed in the dawn,
and I broke out of my trap.

I learned to give praise
in the middle of my night!


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