The Saga of the Play-It-Safe

Awash on a Sea of Safety

Matthew 25: 14-30
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

An alternative title would be:
“The Saga of the Play-It-Safe.”
Not taking risks,
not pushing the envelope as far as possible,
not attempting the impossible,
not dreaming,
not going over the mountain,
not living full-out:
these seem, for the teller-of-parables,
to be the ultimate failure—disgrace.

So I ask you, me, what are the areas of
utter darkness in which we live,
because we are afraid of the risk?
If we have chosen comfort and security
over a dream, what is it that our
failure to live fully looks like, now?
And, if we have buried the treasure we were given,
and chosen a safety net that was really a tether,
to what are we tethered, and
how will we ever be free to soar?


2 thoughts on “The Saga of the Play-It-Safe

  1. Ah, yes. The mind of a poet, the eye of an artist, and the body of an old cowboy. All in service of Spirit. The title was enough to draw me in. To elicit reflection, connection. The work I started for that class at PSR has come to fruition– and loops back onto the themes above.

    What in western Christianity is called “The Dark Night of the Soul” is territory I’ve explored in detail. Seems to be a way out… nope, lost again.
    In that terrible darkness alone, there is no one, no way, no thing, no hope.

    Then the demons attack. Those nagging self doubts, unresolved traumas, regrets; all gnaw at your soul. This is the realm of Kabbalah called Daath, the invisible sephirah. A descendant, I think, of the Egyptian Duat, inadequately translated as the afterlife. And eerily close to the English word death.

    But in becomes through. Just like the sun Ra in the solar barque, passing through the Duat, emerging once more as light.

    Stay with that darkness, persevere. That is the abyss separating the soul in eclipse from the Transcendent it seeks. Crossing the great abyss is in Kabbalah to reach unlimited depth.

    No longer separation, but the source, the potential energy, of infinite connection.This is Binah, Understanding. The Great Waters, the Black Mother, the feminine face of God.

    • Some of life is confusing. Some of life is gut-wrenchingly ugly. Some of life is heart-stopingly beautiful. Some of life is more than we can bear. Some of life is less than we ever dreamed of. All of life is a risk, and all of life is a place where we can walk in gratitude, if we so choose. Thank you Rafi for reading my posting, and thank you for the times you have crossed a portion of my path. H

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