Jesus is Coming! Jesus is Coming!

It Will Never Be As We Expect It To Be

Matthew 25:31-46
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

In a Blaze of Glory!
With a loud blast of Trumpet!
Accompanied by a great cloud of witnesses!
In a still, small voice.

AND, how shall it really be?

Will Jesus simply appear amidst a herd of goats,
with an odd bleat we misunderstand?

Or, will he just wander along with the sheep,
casual and as lost as the rest of them/us?

Could it be that Jesus would dare come as one of us?
Would he then present himself as a Royal Grump,
haughty and judgmental, grieving the grieved,
punishing the already punished,
taking more than his share from the weak, and then judging these impoverished ones as lazy and unworthy?

Or, are we expected to be more
than our common denominator,
rising up to a call beyond our own petty instincts,
beyond our own fears,
to be ourselves this coming of Jesus the Christ?
Could it be
that it will be in this way that he shall come?


6 thoughts on “Jesus is Coming! Jesus is Coming!

    • Ssssh, don’t give it away! It’s a secret! Actually, Peggy, the way he sees us is through eyes of love, and yes, he can believe what he sees, because he sees us as we really are, and not how we see ourselves. AND because of this, he sees us as the wonderfully made, beautiful creatures we actually are.

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