Woodshop: A Place to Occupy Praise

Psalm 148
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

There is a thought in our culture
that we all deserve something
more than we have.
We deserve it.
We want not just our own share,
but more than our share.
We have learned to complain
while in the possession of plenty.
Plenteousness has become just not enough.
We are spoiled.
We feel left out.
We act as if we have been cheated.
We walk around with a sense of hopelessness.
We become lost in self-pity.
All because we have falsely come to believe that
more than our share,
is our share.
Contraposed, there is a thought pervading Scripture
that we want the wrong things
and already have the right things in plenty.
There is also a thought in Scripture
that praise is the only correct posture
we can take in our lives,
with our friends and family,
and for the bounty we have been given,
but most of the time we are too caught up in
what we think we deserve.
For a little variety, why don’t we try praise,
and observe what might change for us?

Over 35 years ago I got interested in working with wood—carving, making small objects like toys, boxes, and other things that interested me.  I couldn’t do this because of finances and because some of the places I’ve lived weren’t conducive of it.  Right now, after all this time, I am actually able to do this.  I have a small shop with many used tools I’ve collected over the years–tools that have sat dormant waiting for me to fix them, and have a place to use them.  I’ve got this old band saw that I’ve had for 35 years that comes out of the 30s, and some other old equipment that were the cast-offs of others, that I have refurbished and made usable.  I have an outlet for my wood projects where I can sell them so they don’t overrun my work space, and which gives me some satisfaction from completing my projects.  I am writing songs and getting a few of them placed, as well as playing gigs.  Am I a rock star?  No.  Do I want to be?  No.  Am I happy with my life and how it is working out?  Yes.  I have a huge amount of peace right now.  I am still at the poverty level, as far as my income goes, but screw it, my life is nonetheless rich.  I have great friends, of which you are one.  I have GOALS that I am OCCUPYING, and a small job, the Geyserville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), that enables me to do all this.  I like working and being productive.  And while there are some things I would still like to say I’ve done before I die, oh well.  I’m not going to complain about what I haven’t done or can’t do when there is so much that I have done.

I recognize the need for the Occupy Movement, but at a personal, psychological, spiritual level, I do not think that a constant attitude of protest is healthy.  I wonder, it is possible to protest the evil of the world while giving praise for the lives we are given?  I hope so!  If we cannot find things for which to give praise, I think we are sunk as persons.  My goal for 2012 is to OCCUPY PRAISE!


4 thoughts on “OCCUPY PRAISE!!!

  1. You are a wise old man, cousin. Thanks for giving me a new word/thought which to ponder along with my daily meditation on gratitude.

  2. Hello. I love your authenticity, and genuine desire to comfort others with your “meanderings.”
    Please keep posting. Do you have music with your poetry?

    • HI Tawny, I do have some poetry I to which have put music, I will try to write in the future about songwriting. I also am a Country/Honky-Tonk/Rockabilly songwriter and musician who writes mostly secular music. I have some religious material, but you should know it is mostly in that style. I am, though, experimenting in other genres. However, I have nothing produced in the religious arena that is “radio quality” as of yet. That is to come, within the next year. Thank you so much for asking–and for reading. Hilary

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