Praising Through The Thin Places

Psalm 150; 1 Chronicles 25:1-3; 2 Chronicles 5:7-14
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

This is our fullest song;
this is a song of praise:
our voices lifted up,
hearts bursting with joy,
lives full of gratitude;
praises shouted out,
for the grace we are given–
for the lives we are living.
And it is through this song
that we
step, move, see,
through the thin places
that separate us
from the reality of the Sacred.
We sing praise in our
places of work,
centers of worship,
our hearts,
and we sing our song with our whole being,
and we sing creation into being,
because our song
the song of our hearts–our whole being,
is learned from the
One Who Is the
Singer of all Things!


5 thoughts on “Praising Through The Thin Places

  1. …through the thin places. Evokes a response regarding the other reason I returned to the Bay area. Sure, I’m writing a book; out of decades of spiritual experience. With enough scholarship to give it a hint of intellectual respectability.
    But there’s a collaborative aspect to it as well. Someone with whom I can share as it takes shape. Someone whom, for lack of any more precise term, I refer to as my spiritual partner. Brilliant, spiritually gifted– and not exactly the most easy going person. A couple of years ago, he had a stroke and was sent to an infirmary in this area. Any time I can spend with him is precious because I am hyperaware of our finitude.
    So no despair, regret, pity– the thiness of time rends the veil that guards the heart. Already tattered by the years I spent lost in the Dark Night of the Soul, my Self rubbed raw bumping into the walls of the labyrinth. Ah, but I’ve been called out; graced to feel! Thinned skin becomes translucent to the light and the joy of the divine.

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