Places, Thin and Holy

Jeremiah 31:31-34; Psalm 118:25-27
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The Thin Place where God
might be seen is not enclosed,
but enclosures can represent that place—
as can pillars, posts, stones, trees, and boxes.
In the places we worship:
hillsides, mountain tops,
temples, synagogues, mosques
churches, cathedrals,
exist Thin Places where we
are able to see through
our selves and
see that which is divine.

Sing our songs lively and loud!
Shout out our praises!
Raise our hands!
Bow our hearts!
Feel, sense, experience
the holiness of this place!

For here, here,
in this place,
as in all the places
where seekers of the holy, seek,
the Presence of the Divine One
is present—


1 thought on “Places, Thin and Holy

  1. Brings to mind being an eager student– hand up, present, here… Spirituality and creativity?! Yes, yes, yes.
    I posted my heartfelt reply to #2 in the series. You’ve elicited a couple of creative spontaneous replies from me for which I am grateful. That classroom effect hasn’t worn off.
    Ask me if I can remember the contents of some of those heavy duty academic courses I took at JSTB and I’d have to review my notes.
    But your PSR efforts? Sure, a picture IS worth a thousand words. But only if it’s a worthy picture, including those painted with words. And an experience of spiritual connection is worth a thousand pictures.
    When I’m at the point of writer’s block (or artist’s block, since I’m also doing the illustrations) I will revisit this territory.

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