Christ Among Us

And He Ate A Fish

1 John 1:1-5; Luke 24:36-40
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Smoke and mirrors?
Sleight of hand?
Literary device?
Just another horror flick?
Jesus hangs on a cross
until dead
and all Rome and the High Priests
have to show for it is
an empty tomb
and a couple of cast-off rags.
But his friends, now,
if we can trust them,
they were given more.
Much more.
Joy, hope, witness,
and they gave him a fish,
a fish he ate
right in front of them.
Can we trust this?
Do we want to?
Do we dare?
For, if we do dare,
if we do allow ourselves to step
into the depths of this mystery,
we will never be the same again—


3 thoughts on “Christ Among Us

  1. There is the fish– and the shadow of the fish. Shadow, gloom, no body. Then the negative reveals the Light of the World. The living waters become the inner fish. To the left (of course) is the lure; a hook, the Hebrew letter tsaddi, a link to tzadek, righteous one. Go ahead, bite. As the Eastern Orthodox liturgy says, taste and see. The scales of the fish reflect opalescence. A measured beauty, the wavelength of love imprinted in creation.

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