Vines and Branches

Beauty From Distressing a Rose

John 15:1-8
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Vines and branches,
branches and vines,
pruning and cutting,
distressing the plant and making it healthy?
Strength from strain?
Invigoration from vicissitude?
Resilience from distress?
This is just not how we
who would take
any path that offers
the least resistance think!
But there it is,
hacking and hewing by God,
to make the Body of Christ healthy!
I surely know that it works for my roses.
Every year they get cut way back,
and every year they seem
more beautiful than the previous year.
We try to protect our
world, nation, economy, family, selves
from any strain or stress
so as to protect them,
but is it really harm we do when we
attempt to avoid the harsh realities
we find surrounding us?
What could we learn from God about this?