Mark 4:26-34 —
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Tiny Church Does Not Mean Church In Ruin

A Church Off The Center
is like a new sprout
that has grown into Summer
thrived until Fall
and now awaits
the question Winter presents:
“Will there be a new sprout
this coming Spring?”

The Kingdom of Heaven
is like a Church Off The Center:
Not quite of its culture
not quite separate from its culture,
and truly not understood
by its culture.

A Church Off the Center is
a Missional Church, and it
grows mission in the soil
in which it falls,
and throughout the seasons
and throughout the time of its life
and throughout the hope of its mission
it thrives,
because like the Kingdom of Heaven,
it thrives on the Mystery
of a future unknown
and a present
still being created…


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