Heron–Living in the Abundance of Being

John 6:1-21
© Hilary F. Marckx. All rights reserved

The word is, ubiquitous:
everywhere, universal, catholic, pervasive;
the word is God.
God is where we are—
caring for us, feeding us,
holding us, healing us,
walking with us,
and being just what we need when we need it!
God is ahead of us,
not just on the path
but in thought and action as well.
We will, all of us, agree to this,
in principle,
but when the time comes to trust
its reality, it’s truth,
its validity and efficaciousness,
we seem to falter
and spin out in the mud of our doubt
into the ditches of our fear.
When will we learn that even in the ditch
God is there with us—
did I say ubiquitous?


4 thoughts on “ABUNDANT PRESENCE

  1. Yes! I am wandering out of my mud and ditches, probably into new ones, but always with Presence even if I loose sight or hearing for a moment. Presente!

  2. I loved it– so was it an advertisement for Clif bars (that is what showed on my screen)? Did you create it? I missed the
    origins……….. Abu
    ndant Presence is beautiful–thanks for sharing it!!

    • Hi Penny, thanks for responding! I don’t know anything about Clif Bars. I put a Heron as the image for the poem. Stuff happens out in the internet that is just plain unexplainable.

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