Love Like That

Just the Way to Be

Ephesians 4:25-5:2
© Hilary F. Marckx. All rights reserved

Love like that!
Many of us like to think we are Christians
and we move through life thinking that
we are of that body we call Christ.
Yet when it comes to it, are we really—
Christians in the full, true, sense?
This text tells us where we are in this regard.
Did you know that a half-truth is still a lie?
And because we all are of one body, a lie to you is a lie to me.
Hedging around the truth is a lie, nonetheless.
Do we always say what helps, and not what hurts?
Are we breaking God’s heart?
Profane talk here is not cursing, but talk that is
common, gossipy talk.
We are commissioned to build, not destroy;
to heal, not hurt;
to be angry, but not to hang on to it so it festers,
and becomes vicious and deadly;
and most importantly,
we are expected to love extravagantly, not cautiously,
squandering our love on all
regardless of any gain on our part,
or our perceived worthiness of others.
So, do we love like that?
Do we dare say we follow Jesus,
and are children of the Living God? Do we dare?
Well, we dare to try, and we attempt to become,
don’t we—love like that?


2 thoughts on “Love Like That

  1. “Hate the sin, not the sinner” all too easily slips its semantic tether and drifts into a stormy hatred. We LGBTs have been hit by those barrages often enough.

    Frankly, it feels good to place the blame somewhere else. In my own case, on “those people:” judgmental fearful fundamentalists, pandering ultraconservative politicians, hypocritical church bureaucrats. Works up that sense of righteous anger.

    Ah, but didn’t Jesus mention something about rain falling on the just and unjust alike? Refreshing in a desert climate. Living waters poured out for all of life.

    I put my plants outside this morning. The tough cycad, the beautiful asymmetric jade plant, the Christmas cactus that belonged to my great-grandmother. So different from each other. Later today, I will water them.

    I want to remember that the feelings I have for these life forms is a lesson. About simple, non-judgmental care. Which plants convert into the extravagance of foliage and flowers. A lush demonstration of reckless love. The vision is free.

  2. Hilary – dear remarkable Hilary. Thank you for your ‘Love Like That’. I recall lyrics Peggy Lee sang long ago and far away, ‘there is much more I could say, but the words keep slipping away, so I’m left with only one point of view; Mr. Wonderful – that’s you’. // One last verse from ‘Feeling the Love’ by yours truly; ‘Awake to beauty, the freshness of a new day – a new way
    See the blending of colours in creation – a new sensation
    Charter a chariot of dreams, new themes
    Bathe your senses in celestial light – new sight
    Lightly stroke your mind with gladness
    Draft new plans ne’er etched with scars …of yesterday’s sadness
    Or marred – by our future’s counterpart – tomorrow
    Imagined fears and sorrow
    A glorious clear day will have her way
    Let the sun reign in your heart
    Let the arrows of angels mark your stay
    Let the heavens within you and me be forever healing, forever loving
    Forever new in God’s promise
    Perhaps they will say I may lose this truth
    Then again, I know not.

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