Wisdom Quest

And Then Wisdom

Wisdom Quest
1 Kings 3:4-14
© Hilary F. Marckx. All rights reserved

Wisdom, an attribute that comes,
not so much with age,
but with our learning to listen and apply.
We either learn to listen or we do not.
Many of us are so full of ourselves
and our needs that we are unable to hear.
Few of us seem to be able to actually take the time
to listen to the words of another.
Many of us think we are listening,
when, in reality, we are only hearing
our own passions and,
sadly, never seem to connect with the other.
Wisdom, is deep listening—
listening with our souls as well as our ears,
listening with our defenses down
and our empathy up
so as to hear another’s Truth when spoken.
Wisdom is the application of our hearing
to the whole of our lives
with understanding and prescience.
And it is wisdom that
sets some apart,
for once having wisdom
we also know Truth.


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