Reversal of Perspective

Mark 10:17-31
© Hilary F. Marckx. All rights reserved

The Great Reversal:
Being first means being last…
So, let me get this straight,
if I finish last,
I win the contest?
If I beat you out,
I finish last?
Can this really mean
what it seems to mean?
I think it actually means more
than it appears.
Remember, we are not racing cars,
or playing baseball or football,
hockey or shooting hoops,
we are trying to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Jesus is talking about the inner
contest of our spirits.
AND, that contest is about what
lifts us up,
not what beats others out.
It is also about focus,
and anything we focus on
to the exclusion of Kingdom
will exclude us from the Kingdom.
What is it that,
to our own exclusion, draws our attention
away from the Kingdom?


Sometimes Our Lives

Mark 14:22-24, 1 Corinthians 10:15-18
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Sounds gross!
really nasty,
and just a little weird.
And yet,
at the heart of our faith
there is a body broken
and blood spilled,
a life taken,
and joy crushed.
Sure, the glory of Resurrection, too,
but it is the reality
of death that pulls us up short.
BUT, it is not so much about
the agony
as about the healing,
the unification we have with God
through Christ.
Is there not something
truly wonderful
in the metaphor of
brokenness and death
and pain
and agony—
put back together and
made more than whole
made more than alive—
made one with the One
we know as Creator?
AND do we not hunger
for the bread
which we know brings us
true life?
YES, we must remember
the pain
for we have experienced
that pain.
YES, we must remember
the life poured out
for our lives have been broken and ground.
YES, we must remember
the horror of death,
for our hopes and dreams
and almost our very lives
have been crushed and poured out.
At this table we remember
the very thing we will receive here:
a new life
for the crumbs of bread
and dregs of cup
we have come to know
as our lives.