Reversal of Perspective

Mark 10:17-31
© Hilary F. Marckx. All rights reserved

The Great Reversal:
Being first means being last…
So, let me get this straight,
if I finish last,
I win the contest?
If I beat you out,
I finish last?
Can this really mean
what it seems to mean?
I think it actually means more
than it appears.
Remember, we are not racing cars,
or playing baseball or football,
hockey or shooting hoops,
we are trying to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Jesus is talking about the inner
contest of our spirits.
AND, that contest is about what
lifts us up,
not what beats others out.
It is also about focus,
and anything we focus on
to the exclusion of Kingdom
will exclude us from the Kingdom.
What is it that,
to our own exclusion, draws our attention
away from the Kingdom?


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