ImageColossians 1:15-20
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Here at the foot of the cross
we stand in awe
before the wonder of the
mystery of the place itself
standing where we stand
between Heaven and Hell.
Christian Tradition
and Mythology
has this as the center
of the Christian Cosmos
the heart of the Christian World,
the place of our definition.
For here Adam was made into flesh,
here Adam died
and here Adam was redeemed!
And in this Sacred Mystery,
in this place,
in this sequence,
the Tree of Life,
the Cosmic Tree,
the Tree of our Salvation,
grows, flourishes,
heals, liberates,
and saves.
Here at the foot of the Cross.



The Cross #1
1 Corinthians 1:26-31
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Terror, horror, human-turned-to-animal.
A State-devised methodology for control.
Stolen from Persia, refined by Rome.
3,000 Babylonian captives in 519 BCE — crucified.
2,000 survivors from the siege of Tyre
332-333 BCE — crucified.
6,000 followers of Spartacus 71 BCE — crucified.
Jesus — crucified.
Victim whipped, mutilated, humiliated, while naked,
forced to carry the cross to the site of their death,
nailed to a stake in the ground,
and left to hang and then die from suffocation
as their legs collapsed,
and their shoulder-blades crushed in on their lungs.
Then not buried but left to vultures.
Enemies, slaves, men, women
anyone the Romans found in traitorous disagreement.
Josephus termed it, “the most wretched of deaths.”
Seneca claimed that suicide
was preferential to crucifixion.
Constantine ended it in 337 CE.
But in our own time…What are the crosses we bear?

As a low estimate for military and
civilian casualties of the wars
between 1889 and now: 203,000,000
Then there are our own fear, prejudices,
jealousies, anger and inner rage—
how do we carry these crosses,
and these forms of humiliation and dehumanization?