One in Christ?

One in Christ?

John 17:20-26 — New Century Version
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

What in the heck is wrong with us?
Why don’t we get it?
Who do we think we are to think we are the ones?
Why do we choose sides,
and force others to choose sides, too?
Somehow there1 is a right and a wrong
way to worship God,
the right way being our way, of course.
Jesus prayed for us
that we would not become as we have turned out to be,
and in spite of it all,
we still refuse to do this one thing—to be one.
There are Liberal Christians, Conservative Christians,
Protestants, Catholics,
not to mention their various subcategories and strains,
all finding some self-righteous doctrine
by which to feel superior and separate,
fractured and cut off from the rest of us,
and with a strong sense of their own superiority.
AND if you are reading this and somehow think
that I have missed the point, and you are, against all odds,
the righteous one, scratch deeper.
Think of it this way,
if Jesus is in us—all of us—
then Jesus is in them, too—
no matter how much THEY make us
itch and scratch and squirm!
If we are one, then they are us and we are they!
I know, sometimes Jesus
just goes on one of those things of his,
but it’s still true.


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