Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Romans 8:14-17
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

The one Jesus knew as Father
and in the familiar, and familial
sense of Daddy—God.
God the one we know as, what?
How do we know God?
What do we know God as?

The Big Guy?
Mother? Mommy?
1st Person of the Trinity?
A kind of strange and holy Celestial Parent
a Sacred-Sugar-Daddy?
The Director-of-Traffic-in-the-Sky?
Doling out favors and special treats
in a kind of arbitrary way
like Christmas presents to the good little
girls and boys,
and lumps of coal to those who are bad?
Do we see God as the Great-Giver-of-Tests,
sending us trials and tribulations
to check to see if we are up to
getting any grace?
A deity to take the fall whom
we can conveniently despise and hate
when things do not go our way?
Or, do we see God as the one of absolute love
giving us companionship in our loneliness,
comfort in our sorrow and loss,
walking with us and meeting our deep needs
on our life’s journey?
I think that while God cannot be and will not be
wheedled, bullied, or bargained
or told how to manage time,
or hoodwinked into
giving us our own whimsical way,
or getting us out of our
various predicaments,
God is more than willing, eager even,
to inspire us to find our own way,
help us to make right choices,
offer us salvation us in ways
we will never understand salvation
should we be willing to be inspired and saved—
or even truly loved into a new existence.


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