And What's In Your Barn?

And What’s In Your Barn?

A Barn-Full?
Luke 12:13-21
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

So what’s in your barn?
Just about the time
you think you have it all
it is over, past due, done.
This text is Truth
at its most basic.
There is more to life
than the accumulation of stuff.
There is more to our existence than our toys.
There is a Truth deeper than the account ledger.
We have another task to perform
and it is called living.
We are not to live to be full of things,
but we are to live in the fullness of God.
Yes, we can have what we need and want—
the stuff that makes us happy in the short term.
Yes, we can accumulate a barn-full of wealth—
but that is not all there is to it. What else?
Well, the real stuff of life is not found just in
money, toys, fun, riotous parties, good food,
barns full of whatchamacallits, whatsis,
and short-term hooey.
The real stuff of life is found
in our relationships—
with ourselves, family, friends, business, God…
It seems that it is our relationships
that we might actually be able to
take with us after we die,
so how are we doing with our relationships?
Like I asked in the beginning,
what’s in your barn?

#   #   #

Luke 12:13-21 — The Message

Someone out of the crowd said, “Teacher, order my brother to give me a fair share of the family inheritance.”

He replied, “Mister, what makes you think it’s any of my business to be a judge or mediator for you?”

Speaking to the people, he went on, “Take care! Protect yourself against the least bit of greed. Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.”

Then he told them this story: “The farm of a certain rich man produced a terrific crop. He talked to himself: ‘What can I do? My barn isn’t big enough for this harvest.’ Then he said, ‘Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll tear down my barns and build bigger ones. Then I’ll gather in all my grain and goods, and I’ll say to myself, Self, you’ve done well! You’ve got it made and can now retire. Take it easy and have the time of your life!’

“Just then God showed up and said, ‘Fool! Tonight you die. And your barnful of goods—who gets it?’

“That’s what happens when you fill your barn with Self and not with God.”


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