The Restoration Project

The Restoration Project

Restore Us
Psalm 80:8-19
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Restore us, oh God!
A good prayer, but what is it we pray for,
when we pray to be restored?
Give us our health back—like when we were eighteen?
Make my economic power as it once was?
Give us back our glory days? Make us mighty once again?
Or is it to restore our souls,
restore our relationship with the Holy One,
and heal the many rifts in our relationships,
The writer of this Psalm was purely and truly nationalistic,
and the restoration sought was a pairing of soul and state.
What is it for which we pray
when we pray for restoration?
For me, when I think about how to pray this prayer,
I think that my restoration must
begin within and work outwards.
For I believe that if my spirit and soul are
restored and renewed in Jesus
then all my relationships will be restored as well.
I know that nothing exterior such as my church, my nation,
or my family is ever pure, or can ever return
to a golden age that never was—
nor will there be a golden age for me.
But I do know that it is possible,
through God’s grace and my hard work,
for my soul to be healed
and my spirit restored.
I pray to be made strong once again,
and for the restoration of my faith
in the Mystery that is God,
to increase, and for that healing to be realized
in and by all those that I may have harmed.


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