Ready For The Work

Ready For The Work

The Work of Christ
Luke 13:10-17
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

In this reading Jesus broke a law
for which he could have been stoned—killed.
He did it to help someone in need,
but nonetheless he took a great risk in doing it.
Jesus saw his mission as healing people–
saving them from pain and suffering.
Where Jesus saw a lack,
Jesus saw a possibility for grace.
When Jesus was offered a choice between
being true to his mission or keeping a bad law,
Jesus choose mission.
Jesus seemed clear that
people, believers or not,
needed what he was called to do.
Jesus, regardless of what others
may have thought of him,
saw a need to convert the scarcity that comes from
emotional, spiritual, and physical suffering
into the abundant healing God offers.
In our own time we are called to
this work of Jesus, this work of the Christ.
Breaking the law is a serious thing
for which we could get arrested.
To help someone, sometimes,
we might be called to walk in the steps of Jesus.
We, in our own time,
call this civil disobedience.
People are not only arrested for this,
they are ridiculed, mocked,
discredited, tried, sentenced, and despised.
I wonder if we would stand and do the work of the Christ
or pretend we did not see the need
and turn our own blind eyes away from the work?


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