Sometimes the Soul is as Empty as it Seems

Sometimes the Soul is as Empty as it Seems

Habakkuk 1:1-4–2:1-4
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Just harsh, that’s what it is:
to say that someone is full of self
with an empty soul.
But we know these people,
we see them every day,
sometimes looking back at us
at our jobs,
in the news we read,
out of the glitter of advertising,
back at us from our own mirrors.
We crave something…
We seem to starve
for things we can’t have.
We compensate our
inner lack of spiritual nourishment
with a thin outer patina of opulence
that scratches easily
and loses its shine
if looked at too closely.
We seem to want what we are not,
are unable to be what we dream,
and wish for the life of us
that we could have made
the choices we did not make,
yet wouldn’t
if we had the choice all over again.
We stand amidst what looks to us like failure
and pretend as hard as we can that we are
better than we are,
stronger than we are,
smarter than we are,
and we develop a fragile
and make-believe pride, piety,
that crumbles into rage
every time it is challenged.
Still, God challenges us with:
“But the person in right standing before God
through loyal and steady believing
is fully alive, really alive.”
It is an answer,
the only answer,
to an empty soul
that craves to be saturated with love.
Giving up an empty and pretend world of glory
is hard but doable,
and God calls us to give it a try.



  1. Eloquent and challenging, my friend. Please keep your poetry and publish it – seriously! The phrase “outer patina of opulence” really speaks to me!

  2. Thank you, Cliff! I have considered publication but I am not sure about the process. At some point, I might do something with Kindle. Anyway, thanks for your kind words and support over the years…

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