And Grace Made the Day Feel Lined With Gold

And Grace Made the Day Feel Lined With Gold

The other morning as I walked outside
I was taken with the thought
of how the day, that very morning
contained absolute and uncompromising beauty—
as does every day, should I take time to notice.
I thought to myself
how utterly still and golden the air
as it wrapped me in Autumn’s splendor.
I thought how unimaginably glorious
is the exquisiteness of all the days of our lives
if we will only stop and look.
This is more than “smelling the roses.”
Though surely that is part of it.
This is about the pure,
unadulterated grace of living,
and recognizing it for what it is:
an outpouring of the very substance of holiness.
God walks upon our hills,
God sits upon our mountains,
God breathes across our lakes and rivers,
God hurls the light of Christ
like a javelin from the East to the West
and it flashes like the sun,
and shines like the stars,
and rivets us
like our shadow from a full moon.
And this morning, that javelin
pierced my heart
as I stood in stunned shock
in the presence of Presence,
and I made a sound as it did,
an utterance of
pure gratitude.


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