Asking Boldly and Living Justly
Luke 18:1-8
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We all want so much!
To be fed, clothed, sheltered, loved
cared for—given grace:
these are the basics of our lives,
and we shouldn’t have to want,
or need them,
but they seem so scarce at times
that we feel we must beg for them.
It would be easy to point at
the immoral, godless, mean-spirited
judges that seem to abound,
around us and smugly identify them
as at fault for the ills that befall us.
It would be easy,
and there would be a part of the truth
in doing so.
As easy as it could be to look outward,
is not the most vicious,
immoral, nasty judge around
the one who dwells within our own selves
and screams imprecations
at every wrong move we make?
And how do we entreat this judge
who withholds from us
our God-given right
to the abundance of grace
we are promised by God?
Do we stand up to this judge?
Do we never quit demanding decency
and good judgements
for ourselves?
Or do we just accept these bad judgements
as the inevitable outcome
of our undeserving lives?
How wrong is it for us
to allow our inner bad judges
to steal from us
the very grace God is trying to get us
to accept?
Can we ask boldly
and justly
for our own selves?


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