Transforming Love

Transforming Love

Transformed by Love
Luke 19:1-10
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

I am thinking about being loved…
Not the kind of love that
gets tired, or
gives up, or
turns into tough love, or
to hatred, but
love that always does right
by both
the lover and the beloved.
I am thinking of the love of Christ
that heals and causes
hard hearts to soften,
closed minds to open,
stiff knees to kneel;
turns suffering to joy,
selfishness to generosity,
scarcity to abundance,
and alienation to inclusion.
I am thinking about this
transforming love we
share with each
other in Christ.
I am thinking about
you and me and
today and tomorrow,
and life together on this
marvelous, magnificent,
splendiferous and
outrageously incredible
journey and the
life we have and
share in Christ’s Spirit!


2 thoughts on “TRANSFORMED BY LOVE

  1. Hilary – is this your photo? Can I use it for something? Laura Barnes Coney, Congregational Church of San Mateo

    • Laura Barnes Coney: You may use this particular image with my consent if the usage is not for advertising, not for personal gain, and not for something immoral, and I get credit for the image (Photograph by Hilary F. Marckx), thank you for asking, Hilary

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