For this Advent my congregation in Geyserville is sharing stories with each other along the lines of the Advent themes.  What is your story of HOPE?  Please share in the “Comments” section if you wish to share.

Peace in this Season of Advent.  Hilary

As With Hope

As With Hope

Stories of Hope
Isaiah 2:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

There is a story that is beyond all stories:
the stories of disaster,
of tragedy, of loss, of pain and suffering,
stories of revenge and anger and violence—
beyond all stories such as these,
there is another story.
This story is of hope,
it is a story that confounds cynicism,
puts defeat to shame,
even when hatred and fear
seem to win the day.
It is a story that speaks to our
wildest dreams and craziest visions.
It is a story of HOPE and it edifies and
liberates us from the chains of fear.
In spite of all predictions,
this story of HOPE claims that GOOD will triumph,
and it turns out to be correct!
What stories do we have that are about HOPE?
What experiences have we had that lead us
to suspect that it is possible to hope
and it not be in vain?
I will not be embarrassed by hope!
I will not turn my face from hope!
And I will remember when hopes I thought dashed
turned to dreams come true.


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