Place for Peace

Place for Peace

Stories of Peace
Isaiah 11:1-10
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

World peace.
National peace.
Racial peace.
Peace on our streets.
Peace in our cities and towns,
and on our roadways.
Peace within our own restless spirits.
What is going on that we don’t have it?
What have we missed that we can’t find it?
What turn did we take that got us so far from it?
And yet, right now, here, in this place,
in any place, and not just some place,
there is a peace so profound, so deep,
so unutterably confounding,
that in our frenetic search for it,
we spin right past it.
Just as God is not ever what we expect,
similar to a sighting of Jesus we cannot quite believe,
insomuch as we can’t even breathe
in a way that doesn’t seem like we are out of it,
peace lingers near waiting for us to
pause, halt, stop, rest, desist, tarry
long enough to be noticed.
Let us linger just a moment and
be refreshed in God’s peace…


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