ADVENT 3 — Stories of Joy

And We Live In Joy

And We Live In Joy

Isaiah 35:1-10
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

There is a reason for joy.
And that reason is the abundance
of pure grace!
God loves us. God cares for us.
God is constantly
calling, pulling, luring, shoving, inviting us
into the joy God has for us.
But what exactly is joy?
What does joy do?
How do I recognize it?
Like an underground spring
bubbling up from
deep in the earth causing a river to form,
like the lift of a heart
at a baby’s coo,
like the touch of Spirit on spirit
in our deepest prayer,
or our shallowest excitement,
joy comes from our recognition of
the divine being within, without,
around, about, above and below
making our living worthwhile
and recognizing us as persons loved
by this incredible Creator of all things.
Joy, for me, when I get right down to it,
begins when I awaken to the
realization of the grace around me.
Yes, there is dark, and misery that surrounds,
but there is grace as well.
And grace washes over me
like a wave of pure love—
always, even when I don’t notice…


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