Sowers & Seeds — Lent 4



Matthew 13:3-5, Psalm 126:6,
& Ecclesiastes 11:5-7
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Here we are in the fourth week of Lent.
this is our journey:
to work our way towards that
Good Friday of horror
and beyond
to an Easter Morning of pure glory.
And we are still working with paired word/thoughts.
Sowers and Seeds is the pair for today
and the challenge
for us on this journey to Easter Morning.
How can we be both Sower and Seed,
the planter and the planted,
the hope and the thing promised?
These thought/pairs seem diametrically opposed to me.
At least until I consider how
we all called,
to plant and grow
at the same time—
growing the seeds of grace
God plants within us;
planting that grace of God
in the lives of others.
We are not permitted to get and not give,
to receive and not offer,
to be blessed and not bless.
are the love planted in the world,
and we are the ones
God hopes
will plant love in this world.
There is no call, room, tolerance
for meanness,
political rationalization,
half-baked justifications
as to
why love and grace and help
should be excluded from some
whom we,
through our fear-filled logic
have determined
to be lesser members
of our society.
There is only the expectation
on God’s part
that we sow hope and love for all.

Signs and Wonders

Fields of Blessings and Grace

Fields of Blessings and Grace

Acts 4:1-12
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We are Signs and Wonders to others.
This is not like we as Christians
are so special
that we set the standard
for the great unwashed,
and all the rest of the
heathens and non-Christians
who haven’t discovered the right path
(read sarcasm and irony here).
Because everybody knows they don’t have a clue.
No, we are not called to be smug or snarky,
but to live in a way so
we are seen as signs and wonders to all.
And we are called to live
in this manner
so all—
Christians, friends, enemies, loved ones,
anyone who comes into contact with us—
can find hope for themselves
when they look at us,
and witness the joy and faith and hope
we exhibit in our lives.
But how do we do this?
I suggest we consider an exercise:
let’s make a list of all
the blessings, good things,
hopes fulfilled, accomplishments,
people who truly care
that we have in our lives—
write them all down.
When you do this leave out all
the defeating,
bad, negative loser stuff,
focusing only on the good you have experienced—
and we all have been blessed with a lot of good.
Remember this list, keep your focus on this list,
let its contents overshadow the negative things
that seem to pop up and override all else,
because what is on this list
are the signs and wonders to you
that will help you
be a sign and wonder to all.

Tomorrow’s Promise, Today’s Living — Lent #2

Globe Lily

Globe Lily

Matthew 6:34; John 14:1-4
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

According to Scripture, and
according to Jesus,
we are to live today fully
while embodying tomorrow
in the present of the now.
Second by second is all
we have of our lives.
Today becomes yesterday
so fast that
we can only have it as we experience it.
If we worry about,
only focus on,
what is to come,
what the future holds,
how our portfolios,
bank accounts,
will look at retirement
how eternity–
and if we will get there,
we have lost the priceless treasure of our today
in speculation and conjecture and fantasy.
These texts,
these words attributed to Jesus
are clear—
give NOW all your attention, and
trust Jesus to not only prepare the path of your future,
but to come and get you
and lead you
both to and on that path.
There is true peace in this level of trust.
There is hope, and
we are the sign to others
of faith
in this promise of Jesus.

Called, Chosen, Christ — Lent #1

Awakening to the Promise


2 Chronicles 7:14, Mark 13:26-27, Romans 12:5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Called, chosen, Christ,
What does that mean, exactly,
to be called, to be chosen, to be Christ?
I suspect that the key to our question
lies in the notion that
God has called and is calling
all of creation into fuller union—unity, with God,
and that as we choose to enter this union,
we become ourselves,
The gathering of those in unity
becomes one with the Body that is Christ,
and as part of that body, and to the extent
that we say,“Yes,”
to God’s call,
we become Christ to each other.
We are challenged in this Season of Lent
to re-evaluate our commitment to our “Yes,”
and to re-affirm our willingness to
live out our role in the
Body of Christ
where we have been called
to be Christ to each other —
offering hope in the face of hopelessness,
courage when sisters and brothers are fear-filled,
strength in the midst of the struggle,
kindness when despair is prevailing,
and words of truth
when the great lie seems to be gaining ground.
What does it mean to be
Called, Chosen, Christ?
Choosing to have the fearlessness
to pay forward
the love and courage and hope and grace and light
we have received from the one who has
called us
out of our own darkness…