Called, Chosen, Christ — Lent #1

Awakening to the Promise


2 Chronicles 7:14, Mark 13:26-27, Romans 12:5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Called, chosen, Christ,
What does that mean, exactly,
to be called, to be chosen, to be Christ?
I suspect that the key to our question
lies in the notion that
God has called and is calling
all of creation into fuller union—unity, with God,
and that as we choose to enter this union,
we become ourselves,
The gathering of those in unity
becomes one with the Body that is Christ,
and as part of that body, and to the extent
that we say,“Yes,”
to God’s call,
we become Christ to each other.
We are challenged in this Season of Lent
to re-evaluate our commitment to our “Yes,”
and to re-affirm our willingness to
live out our role in the
Body of Christ
where we have been called
to be Christ to each other —
offering hope in the face of hopelessness,
courage when sisters and brothers are fear-filled,
strength in the midst of the struggle,
kindness when despair is prevailing,
and words of truth
when the great lie seems to be gaining ground.
What does it mean to be
Called, Chosen, Christ?
Choosing to have the fearlessness
to pay forward
the love and courage and hope and grace and light
we have received from the one who has
called us
out of our own darkness…


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