Tomorrow’s Promise, Today’s Living — Lent #2

Globe Lily

Globe Lily

Matthew 6:34; John 14:1-4
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

According to Scripture, and
according to Jesus,
we are to live today fully
while embodying tomorrow
in the present of the now.
Second by second is all
we have of our lives.
Today becomes yesterday
so fast that
we can only have it as we experience it.
If we worry about,
only focus on,
what is to come,
what the future holds,
how our portfolios,
bank accounts,
will look at retirement
how eternity–
and if we will get there,
we have lost the priceless treasure of our today
in speculation and conjecture and fantasy.
These texts,
these words attributed to Jesus
are clear—
give NOW all your attention, and
trust Jesus to not only prepare the path of your future,
but to come and get you
and lead you
both to and on that path.
There is true peace in this level of trust.
There is hope, and
we are the sign to others
of faith
in this promise of Jesus.


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