Signs and Wonders

Fields of Blessings and Grace

Fields of Blessings and Grace

Acts 4:1-12
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We are Signs and Wonders to others.
This is not like we as Christians
are so special
that we set the standard
for the great unwashed,
and all the rest of the
heathens and non-Christians
who haven’t discovered the right path
(read sarcasm and irony here).
Because everybody knows they don’t have a clue.
No, we are not called to be smug or snarky,
but to live in a way so
we are seen as signs and wonders to all.
And we are called to live
in this manner
so all—
Christians, friends, enemies, loved ones,
anyone who comes into contact with us—
can find hope for themselves
when they look at us,
and witness the joy and faith and hope
we exhibit in our lives.
But how do we do this?
I suggest we consider an exercise:
let’s make a list of all
the blessings, good things,
hopes fulfilled, accomplishments,
people who truly care
that we have in our lives—
write them all down.
When you do this leave out all
the defeating,
bad, negative loser stuff,
focusing only on the good you have experienced—
and we all have been blessed with a lot of good.
Remember this list, keep your focus on this list,
let its contents overshadow the negative things
that seem to pop up and override all else,
because what is on this list
are the signs and wonders to you
that will help you
be a sign and wonder to all.


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