A Pairing of Opposites

A Pairing of Opposites

Proverbs 20:4; Isaiah 9:2-4; Sirach 6:18-20
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We are all so hungry,
and there is a need,
a hole,
so deep within us,
that we are hardly aware
of it most times.
Yet it is the cause of our cravings,
our fear of loss, of lack, of poverty,
and our terror of the darkness of our loneliness,
and at the heart of the wisdom we seek.
it is out of this hunger and its attendant fear
that God asks us to feed others.
Out of our fear
we are to offer courage.
In our loss and lack
we are to provide in abundance.
In spite of our rapacious appetites
we are to teach satiation.
Ironically, our poverty
is to be our vehicle to offer others wealth.
In our darkest times
we are to be lights to the world.
If you think this is crazy, it is.
If you think it is all backwards, you bet.
If you think that reaching deeply
into the heart of our
selfish nature
and offering generosity
is backwards from the way we have been taught,
you had better believe it.
But thus is our God:
that God’s expectations have nothing
to do with the common knowledge
with which we are daily surrounded.
And it is through living into this expectation
that we will discover the true wisdom of God.


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