Question and Creed

Question and Creed

Question and Creed

Matthew 21:23-27
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Questions and creeds…
Are our creeds built upon our questions?
Do we face the reality of the
with nothing but questions,
and design implacable creeds of
belief to hold back the darkness of an unfathomable,
and infinite eternity,
and to quiet the gibbering of terror
we sense deep in our mind and souls?
do we stand in the mystery of this GREAT UNKNOWN
at peace with our unknowing
and find succor in
what we cannot know,
and discover hope in the mystery itself?
Shouting “Hosannas”
into the dark and empty eternity
of space and time,
do we hear echos of hope?
Lifting our palms
to the infinite immensity of the cosmos
do we glimpse signs of grace?
Peering into the eerie darkness
of a tomb
can we sense our own selves looking back
with eyes
that have witnessed wonder?
How do I take my unknowing,
my dim awareness,
my feeble sense of the sacredness and divinity
I discover
in the glimmer of stars and hearts and waters and life
and write a creed
proclaiming a truth to which I can
declare my allegiance?
There is a leap to be made,
a connection to be formed,
a silence so loud
that it begs all questions,
and a word that compels all words,
and this is my creed:
Love endures,
Love prevails,
Love can be trusted,
and Love saturates
even the worst fear and coldest night
and within the immensity that is time itself,
Love wins out over all doubt!


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