Potentiality #28

Potentiality #28

Acts 7:55-60
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Speaking out
in the face of injustice.
Taking a stand
for what is right,
even when it is inconvenient,
let alone dangerous.
Being a Christian,
loving the God of Jesus,
because of Jesus,
somewhere along the line,
something happened,
that made the whole Christian thing
real and vital and true and mind-blowing.
And whatever it was that happened
changed our lives,
saved our lives,
gave meaning to our lives,
and made us right and whole
and truly alive.
This is the easy stuff to share,
even if it still
is hard to find the right words
to share the holy and sacred meaning of our lives
because of all this.
This is,
the easy part.
The part that seems most difficult
for most of us
is when we are expected,
because of our own experience,
to take a stand for justice
and speak out
for the downtrodden in the face of the oppressors
who sound so righteous and right
and make us feel so wrong
as they twist Gospel Truths,
into plausible half truths—
This is when to witness
our faith takes true courage…

And is most needed.


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