Adrift On A Sea of Separation

Adrift On A Sea of Separation

Acts 7:55-60
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

“Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child…”
There is so much truth in that old Spiritual.
We are surrounded by people and
things and the chaos of life
yet many times we feel alone—
cut off,
Entire philosophical systems
have been built
around this phenomenon
of aloneness.
is the term used to speak for
this sea of separation and isolation
on which many western humans
seem to aimlessly drift.
This is not solitude or singularity
but a deep and
forlorn lonesomeness
in the midst of all
that should give us a sense of connection
to the whole,
while instead we wander
lost and disconnected in isolation.
Jesus promises
that we do not need to feel
this way, that we will not be left alone
as orphans in dark exile.
There is a Friend
to walk with us in our aloneness.
There is One
who carries us through our dark times.
The Comforting Spirit of God
is among us
There is hope…

We have been invited to
ask so we can receive
and to seek so we can find,
and not to trivialize depression
and anxiety,
but we do need to look up
once in awhile
to discover
the grace around us.


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