A Kind of Knowing #3

A Kind of Knowing #3

Acts 1:6-8
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

What can we know for sure?
The cynic in me wants to proclaim,
But I know that nothing,
I said nothing,
is ever that simple—
I also know
that on Sundays
in churches
around the globe
preachers stand
before their congregations
and proclaim things
that are mostly unbelievable
to the intelligent minds
of people who are starving
for something in which to believe,
and do their best to believe
while deep in their hearts
they cannot.
For this they feel a
deep guilt
and a fear that God
will somehow
get them for not actually believing
these frivolous claims
they cannot bring themselves to believe.
One of the truths
that I claim to know for sure,
and I believe this is not frivolous,
is that claims about God are made every day
that have nothing to do with God,
but everything to do with
the ignorance
and fear
of the ones making the claims.
There are a few claims we can make with certitude, though,
and I believe they are not frivolous,
and they are as follows:
love and grace and blessings
surround us,
if we will look;
misery, pain, fear and hopelessness
surround us,
if we will look.
We can also say with some degree of certainty
that much of the good and much of the bad
we experience are products of our own choices.
With experienced-based authority we can claim
there is Mystery beyond our understanding
and that this Mystery is not definable in any way
we might determine through the scientific method,
yet it exists within, under, around, through, above,
and in the cracks and small spaces that border all that is,
and I chose to call this Mystery, God.
And so there is God.
And so there is the Holy Spirit.
And so there is Jesus.
Great and deep mysteries that confound
our propriety and our intelligence
and our modernist sense of self,
yet make sense in the context
in which they present.
And we cannot know the comings
and goings
of this God,
or God’s mind
or heart,
but we can know for sure the expression
of the love that heals us,
and the love offered
that guides our choices.
And should we choose to accept this guidance,
I believe there is no reason at all
to name it.
Only to live it.


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