And Between the Spheres

And Between the Spheres

John 7:37-39
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

We take the Holy Spirit for granted,
even if we are not Pentecostal,
even if we are not Christian,
even if…
This Holy Spirit is what makes all
matter adhere in a cohesive fashion.
The Holy Spirit is called
the work of God on earth,
the love between God and Jesus,
the Advocate,
the Comforter….
I like this last metaphor very much
because takes me to cold nights
and a great big, cushy, quilt
tucked way up over my head
and me snuggled way down
in flannel sheets,
all warm and safe:
such is the Holy Spirit to me.
And yet while most other Biblical texts
speak of the Holy Spirit
present from the beginning of Creation on,
John writes of a time when the
Holy Spirit
was not present to us.
So, what’s up with John?
I suspect that John simply wants to present
a case whereby Nothing exists without Jesus.
He did not need to do that here
because he had already done it
in his prologue where he presented
Jesus as the Logos,
the holy word/breath/thought/action of God
that made creation happen,
and this is a theological redundancy
we did not need.
Johannes Kepler
saw a correspondence between
the heavenly spheres—
the sun as God the Father,
the planets as Jesus the Son,
and the intervening space
between them as the Holy Spirit.
I like this metaphor, too!
Put them together
and thus is the Holy Spirit:
the stuff between the spheres,
the breath of God,
the great comforter,
stretched across the universe,
creating and holding and nurturing
keeping warm and safe all that exists
as it comes into being.
This is Pentecost.
This is the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit,
in space and in time
again and again.
And the coming of this Spirit,
that time,
and so many years past,
marked a powerful and dynamic change
in the lives of those early followers
of the Way of Jesus
the way it always does
each time it does.
I think our task this Pentecost
might be to look in our
for the changes in our own lives,
from the minimal to mind-blowingly huge,
that have
turned us,
melted us,
molded us,
emboldened us,
changed us,
and made us more than we were,
or dreamed we could be.
Who were we?
Who are we now?
What were we like then?
What are we like now,
And what will we be like in years to come?
AND, are we willing to allow that Spirit of God
to be given to us over and over and over
as if each time were the very first time,
and each time to
fully recreate us
again and again and again?
There was a time
when I was not as I am
but I am moving in the
eternal space that is the Holy Spirit
and can we join and move together
and begin together again and again,
and anew and anew?


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