2 Corinthians 13:11-13
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

With this scripture
we are encouraged,
exhorted, challenged,
to move into our lives fueled with the
and power of Pentecost.
We, hopefully, are trying to learn
what it means
to be a spirit-filled people.
What does it mean?
It means we learn to trust the process.
But what does it mean to trust the process?
First, we should know that there is a process…
Living a life
that is filled with God’s Holy Spirit,
living a life
that is the life of a Christian,
living a life
that is sacred and
holy and
is not the end,
it is the journey.
It could be said that
the journey is the end itself.
There is no magical “getting saved,”
where God waves God’s magic wand and
turns us permanently
into perfect creatures.
Conversion —
being born again —
is not the end of the story,
it is where our story begins.
No honest spiritual leader
would dare proclaim that it was.
salvation is a process not an event.
It is a continual series of choices,
the recitation of words or a formula.
Living in love,
like living in peace or joy,
like living as we were created to be,
is conscious
and a series of intentional choices.
Being spirit-filled
and a person living out Pentecost
is to be a person daily struggling
with the options presented.
How will we choose today?


To my faithful readers who make comments.  Please make them here if you will.  In that way everyone of us get to benefit from your great comments.  Thanks and bunch!!!


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