Potentiality #7

Potentiality #7

Psalm 69:13-18
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Do our prayers reach God?
Be sure that they do.
But what is it that God actually hears?
I want what I want,
and I want it now…
Do we pray like a spoiled child begging
for more candy?
Are our prayers rants
against injuries past,
and still to come?
Are we just little jabberwolkies,
blythly blithering away
and never stopping to listen
if God might be trying
to get some syllable into our
tyranny of words?
Do we lecture God on how best to
accommodate our convenience?
What form does our praying take?
Why pray anyway?
I mean,
if God knows it all,
what is there for us to say?
Is prayer, for us,
about our
attempt to control an uncontrollable universe?
For many,
praying is about bargaining with God.
For some
praying is about trying not to
look bad
on some distant
Judgement Day.
Generally, I think, our praying is about
performing a spiritual work
whereby we help others
when we feel helpless
in the face of the exigencies of life.
Prayer can be best understood as a
read that conversation,
between the one praying
and God—
a back and forth interaction.
It is a relationship,
a fundamental
state of connectedness,
a living dialogue.
To ask how someone prays,
is to ultimately ask
about their spending time
together with God,
and the intimacy
of that time.
prayer that reaches God,
is prayer that reaches
deeply within ourselves
to a small place,
larger that the cosmos itself,
where God dwells.


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