The End of All Time

At The End of All Time

At The End of All Time

(Acts 2:1-21
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

What if the idea
of the end of time
has to do with something
beyond human imagination?
What if it means
a moment of such magnitude
that after it happens, for us,
the world as we know
it will never be the same?
Pentecost was that moment for the church!
What will that moment be for us?
The prophet Joel writes that the
earth will quake,
the sun and the moon shall darken,
and the stars will grow dim.
The end of times for sure!
Then Joel writes that next the
restoration of time begins and then
“mountains shall drip sweet wine,
the hills shall flow with milk.”
And the writer Luke, in Acts,
picks up Joel and writes of signs of the
end of all time and a new creation.
In our own time
we look for signs
while not seeing that
they are all around us—
a beginning here,
an ending there,
a challenge,
an opportunity,
and dazzling wonder all around.
Still we look.
Pentecost—let your spirit blow
wild and free and amazing!
And for we who crave salvation
but defy change,
let us discover
there is
something beyond,
that is stunningly beautiful,
heart-stoppingly wilder,
and so incredibly larger than
our imaginations.
For it seems that the end of all time
is also the beginning
of the remainder of all time…


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