Good Stories & High Places

Good Stories & High Places

Psalm 78:1-4
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved
Heard any good stories lately?
Ever heard a story that was so good
you just wanted to hear it over and over and over again?
Is there a special book, or movie, or song
that you just can’t get enough of?
Do you have a story,
that you really like to tell,
about yourself,
about someone you love or respect?
That test you thought you flunked but passed with flying colors.
That near-miss on the freeway.
The odds you had to beat
to get the person with whom you fell in love.
Sharing books you’ve read,
movies you’ve seen,
tales you’ve heard, urban legends…
Remember the one about the two young kids who
were parked our on a dark, deserted road,
and how they heard a noise, felt a movement that scared them,
and peeled out of there, and how when they got to civilization
they discovered the steel hook from the arm of a mass-murderer
stuck in the cracked window of their back door?
What are the stories about God’s grace
we like to hear best?
Which ones do we like to tell?
It is something to consider—
our stories of God’s grace in action…


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