Yea God!!!

Yea God!!!

Psalm 100
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Applauding God. Well, why not?
There are some who have told me that
there should not be an overabundance of emotion in worship.
Many of those are the very ones who
totally lose it watching their favorite sports team.
Why not give God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit
the same hoopla we give to our teams?
Or our pets, for crying out loud?
Gimmy a “G”!
Gimmy an “O”!
Gimmy a “D”!
YEAAAAAA GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got one, you got two,
nothing but Jesus is gonna do!
YEAAAAAA GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get that Spirit! Get that Spirit!
Get that Holy Spirit in me.
In me.
In me.
YEAAAAAA GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weird? Yup.
Crazy? You bet.
Think about it.
The “save” God did for us was better than any
second baseman to shortstop
play ever made.
Have you ever heard the crowd go wild on a 90-yard run for a TD?
Think about it for a second. Wasn’t the last thing God
did for you better that anything you have ever
watched and done your Happy Dance for?
Maybe it’s time
we all did a little happy dance for God…


Traversing the Desert

Traversing the Desert

Psalm 123
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Mercy, God, Mercy!
We’re in way too deep here!
This looks like it’s going to get really messy!
Mercy, God, Mercy!
We’ve all been here, and we’ve all been there,
you know,
that place where only God’s mercy will extricate us?
I could add,
if you have never been to that place,
you’re either not paying attention,
or you haven’t been born yet.
The Psalm itself is sub-titled,
A Pilgrim Song.
And aren’t we all, pilgrims?
Wayfaring strangers?
If we are living at all we are stepping on ground
that might be holy ground,
but is just a bit treacherous as well.
Mercy, God, Mercy!
We drive on freeways…
Mercy, God, Mercy!
We, or our friends,
or family members
are sick,
in pain or dying…
Mercy, God, Mercy!
We are tired, and depressed…
Mercy, God, Mercy!
Our lives are a mess…
Mercy, God, Mercy!
We are trying to make our attitudes
fit the images we have of ourselves,
and we are failing…
Mercy, God, Mercy!
I can’t see my own weaknesses,
but please heal the rest of the world…
And on and on,
as we traverse,
mostly lost,
and many times confused,
the personal deserts of hopes,
broken promises
and thwarted expectations we call our lives.
Yet one has been promised who will deliver us.
There is one who has pledged
to come to lead us out of these deserts.
There will be a light in the East
that will lead us to a manger
where God will bring us the
mercy and grace and healing
we so desperately need.
Advent is near!


Where Earth and Sky Meet--and Where I Find Wisdom

Where Earth and Sky Meet–and Where I Find Wisdom

Wisdom 6:12-16
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Wisdom is something we,
gain as we grow older–
or not…
My good friend,
songwriter and philosopher, Joe Izen,
wrote this a while ago:
“As we age,
it is important to keep our physical bodies
as supple and strong as possible
that lines will emerge,
hair will grey,
muscles will soften
and with a bit of luck,
the greatest gift of age,
will arrive.”
It is true,
but we need to desire
and seek out
this mistress of our hearts and souls.
Wisdom is written of as if it were a lover,
and is sought after
as if seeking the love of one’s life.
But I suspect
that having wisdom in one’s life means
that those tho have attained it
have laid aside the
pomposity and false pride
to which most of us cling;
that they have placed
a higher value
on truth and honest
and reflective thinking
than many of us are willing to do;
and that those
who have received some modicum of wisdom
have moved beyond
lives that are defined
and motivated
by fear,
and have learned the hard lesson
that they are,
and have always been,
to the need of the moment.
I believe
that when we attain that bright
and unfading wisdom,
we will find ourselves
moving into the rarified air
known by mystics and lovers—
you know,
that place where purpose
moves us outside
of the smallness
that is our existence
and into a place where
we are filled to overflowing
with love for the other…