ADVENT 1, Hope!

All About Hope

All About Hope


Isaiah 60:2
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Walking in the dark
Whistling in the dark
Trying to see beyond the limitations
of our eyes
Hearing things
that can’t be identified
All markers wiped out in the darkness
Thick darkness
that can almost be touched
Palpable darkness
Trusting in a promise
Living in HOPE
that the promise is true
that light has not been permanently extinguished
Not knowing
Not seeing
Just waiting
Just longing
Only praying
that the promise is real
that the promise is not a lie
This is not a metaphor
This is not only a poem
This is life and this is real
and this is really scary
but the choice,
and there is always a choice,
seems too simple
to take seriously—
Live in HOPE
Live in despair…


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