PEACE — Advent 2

A Thought On Peace

A Thought On Peace

Isaiah 9:6-7

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

I’d like a little peace, wouldn’t you?
The news makes me flinch.
Everything seems to have gotten out of hand.
Murder, racism, homophobia, sexism,
and war run rampant,
road rage and school killings.
Children and adults spoiled so rotten
that it seems no one wants to listen to anything
other than their own voices —
complaining about what they want,
getting what they have prayed for
and whining that it wasn’t enough,
and not just whining about what they don’t have,
but they want some of what you have, too,
and on and on and on and on.
But Jesus has actually offered us peace
and unconditional love.
Jesus has been foretold as a bringer of
peace with justice.
Concurrent with the peace Jesus offers
a leveling of the hills and valleys,
a straightening of the roads,
and if we are wealthy and entitled
(not by First World standards,
but by the standards of the poor),
then peace hinges on how much of our
wealth, security, love, humanity, hope, peace
we are willing to share.
The thinking from the perspective of Jesus
is to pray for peace,
and to work at making peace happen
by working at making justice happen.


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