At Some Point Along the Journey...

At Some Point Along the Journey…

Sirach 24:1-12
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

A New year, another chance to try again,
not so much more time, because
having another year to start actually means one less year to start,
BUT one more year to try and get IT right…
Nonetheless, THE New Year’s motif, for many,
is a symbol for renewal.
A claim for the possibility of a future that is different from the past.
We misplace our hope in time
rather than in that One for whom time is a servant.
It’s been said that wisdom is not gained as one gets older,
one just runs out of stupid things to do.
There’s enough truth in that old joke
to make me squirm and sweat.
But being wise, gaining wisdom,
achieving that special quality which seems
so dear and so precious
seems mostly just beyond our grasp.
It need not be.
All that is required is that we drop,
give up,
let go of our pretenses
and begin to listen
to voices other than our own.
Think of it this way,
our voices generally emanate out of our fear,
convincing us that our posturing,
ballyhooing, and self-promoting
are our positive
efforts of becoming
the heros of our dreams
and inflated self-images.
And we bluster, snort, and bully
anyone who would dare contradict
that dimly-lit illusion.
Still, there is this entity called,
“Wisdom,” who permeates our
Let us pledge to listen for that wisdom,
and heed the words it declares.
In all truth,
we are much more
than the falseness
we generally proclaim
and hope to sell off
like junk bonds;
true Wisdom is this:
we are all glorious creatures
of God’s wondrous creation.


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