Cause, Effect and Choice

Cause, Effect and Choice

Genesis 1:1-5
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

God saw it was good—then.
Very good, actually.
But what about now,
in this,
our own time,
some 18 billion plus or minus years later?
Is it,
are we,
still good after all this time,
after all the many wrongs, evils,
we have perpetrated on each other and the earth?
I do not believe in divine revenge,
or in a
that would approve of meanness or evil
as a means
of sorting out who will or who will not
get to spend eternity with him or her or it.
I do not believe in divine retribution
or in karma
or that really nasty things occur
so as to teach about us God’s goodness.
I think that particular conception is a bunch of hooey!
I do believe that God still sees us
and all creation as good.
I believe this strongly!
I believe in choice and cause and effect.
Which is to say
all of our good or bad choices consistently
have a way of catching up to us.
Still, I think the punishment,
the effects our choices
mete out,
is enough to satisfy even the most petty of tyrants—
which God is not.
God’s love overrides human theology
and any supposed knowledge
of the original
Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic, or Greek texts
of Hebrew or Christian Scripture.
We want the safety of warranties and guarantees
but there are none,
and we just have to take the whole shebang on faith.
And again
it is a matter of choice,
so what will you choose,
a God of all love
who sees only good and does only good,
or a God who judges
in ways that are not good
and only mirrors our human
need for revenge?
I have made my choice…


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