Off Chance

Off Chance

Psalm 139:14
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Wonderfully and fearfully made…
Full on recognition
of the being that you are…
Acceptance of your place,
and what a place,
in the universe.
It is not that we are created to be,
or have
figured out how to be,
or that there was some sort
of cosmic accident
that made us to be better that all other
species, races, nationalities,
humans, family members,
but that we,
and along with all the rest of creation,
are entities that satisfy
God’s own magnificent aesthetic.
And the wonder that is me
is the Wonder that is us—all of us!
Am I a Creationist?
Am I a Evolutionist?
Sort of!
What I am
is one who only claims/believes
that somehow,
and whatever happened,
God was part of the deal—
plan or accident!
I cannot quite bring myself
to believe in the notion
of a grand plan and in divine micro management.
The truth is that I do not know,
and it doesn’t matter
whether I do or not.
What does matter is that
I have chosen to believe
in a story,
a myth,
a system of faith,
a spiritual path
that includes God,
evolution, randomness,
cause, effect, opportunism,
and creation and extinction.
And so,
while I can stand beneath the starry night sky
and sense the minuteness
and insignificance
of myself in the presence of cosmic grandeur,
I can, nonetheless,
know that I am,
it is,
we are,
wonderfully and fearfully made………..


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