Power of Wind and Water

Power of Wind and Water

Psalm 62:11-12a
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved
Who has it, who doesn’t?
In every interaction between humans
one has the power
and one does not.
We do not like to believe we
have power over others.
We don’t like to think
about whether that power is
constructive or
Let’s consider how
this might play out in our lives.
Have you ever been talking to someone
and made an off-the-cuff statement,
more of an analysis
than a criticism,
about something they had done
or a way they acted,
and suddenly they became defensive?
they even wanted to argue about it.
At that moment,
and in that situation,
whether you intended it or not,
you have been perceived
as having power over someone.
It is important that we truly
understand this dynamic:
we are all so fragile and,
in our denial of power,
we become potentially dangerous
as wielders of it.
Even our simplest of suggestions
can become
power manipulations
to those who have come,
rightly or wrongly,
to perceive us as mighty tyrants.
This is why it is so
important to choose our words carefully.
I have long held
that withholding positive
mean-spirited judgement,
and verbal abuse,
are more toxic than poison,
and truly are all forms of murder;
for they kill the soul
as certainly as a bullet to the heart.
It seems to me that
if we truly develop ownership of our power,
using it as a force of good
rather than a force of hurt,
we will accomplish
more of Christ’s work on this earth
than whatever donations
or volunteering
we could ever do.


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