A Quiet and Gentle Authority

A Quiet and Gentle Authority

Mark 1:21-28
© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Do you know people with authority issues?
What about yourself?
I generally only have issues with authority
when someone tells me
I don’t like being bossed around—
no one does.
We hate government—
because we want to do what we want to do.
We wouldn’t ever want to be
accused of making choices that hurt others
but we want to do what we want to do,
and don’t tell us we can’t.
The same with church,
and especially with us
Free-Church Protestants…
We are local churches
and we can do what we want,
no regional church,
or conference or national
is going to tell us
how to worship/who to hire/where to spend our money…
We loathe the notion of sin,
because if we consider the notion of sinning
we are really talking about stuff we want to do,
but are told we can’t.
And then there’s Jesus.
And he comes along and informs us
that should we want to follow him
there are certain things we must do—
and he says this with authority!
care for,
the strangers
whom we fear;
the impoverished
who symbolize
our terror of our own helplessness;
the sick
who represent that darkness lurking in the corners of our self-sufficiency;
to provide mental and physical health-care to those
in whom the demons tear at the very fabric of their lives
in ways that punch all our buttons at once.
AND let me add,
whom we send off as children to do our killing,
and who return older than their years
and mentally and physically maimed
and unable to live up to the image we have fixed in our minds…
But Jesus
but his authority is tender and gentle
and dwells in the
quietness and stillness
of our hearts,
and only wants to heal.
And heal indiscriminately he will—
he will even heal us of our own terrors and fears
and misconceptions
if we will let him.


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